Reverse Osmosis Electroplating Facility, Inner Mongolia

Installation Details

Installation Location:
A factory in Inner Mongolia Huomei Wheel Manufacture Co. Ltd., which produces aluminium alloy wheel. Vulcan was installed in the painting workshop, for the pure water section. Pure water is produced by RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane).
Installed by:Suzhou KaiEnSheng
Installation Model: Vulcan S10
Pipe size, capacity:65 mm, 15 m2/h

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About Huomei Wheel Manufacture Company

Located in Houlinguole Industrial Park, Inner Mongolia. It is one of the largest aluminum wheels manufacturer in Northern China.


Pure water process equipment.

Scaling Problems

Before installing Vulcan, adding scale inhibitor was the only descaling method, and the RO membrane would be replaced every 2 - 3 months, sometimes even more often: every 1 - 2 months! Each replacement costs about 9,000 USD.


Since the Vulcan was installed in April 2017, the RO membrane has not been replaced until now (October 2017), and the use of scale inhibitors has also been reduced by 50%. So far, the estimated cost savings are aroud 25,000 USD.

A letter from production department of Huomei Wheel manufacture Company


S10 was installed before the reverse osmosis membrane.