Industrial Application

Industrial Line

The Industrial line is our largest capacity, heavy-duty units which are built for large-scale operations. These operations include factories, food production facilities, maritime applications, agriculture and other heavy duty operations in industrial parks.

The Industrial Line units treat pipe diameters from 8” to 40". They have been designed to meet the requirements of industrial and large-scale operations and facilities. Additionally, each Vulcan is programmable allowing for individual adjustment according to the materials and diameters of the pipes.

With Vulcan, your equipment and machinery will last longer, saving you time and money. Use Vulcan to protect: cooling towers, heat exchangers, refrigeration systems, vacuum pumps and valves, grinders and mixers, condensers, industrial ovens or presses, chillers, etc.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers often suffer from scale buildup caused by the vaporization and cycling of water.
Scale cannot evaporate, so when new cycles of water are introduced, the scale continues to build up and eventually becomes a hard layer which decreases efficiency until it is removed.

Vulcan prevents scale formation or, where scale is present, it electronically reduces scale until the piping system is clean - at which time a fine layer of metal-carbonate is formed which protects the pipe against rust and corrosion. Vulcan offers a long-term solution without ongoing costs, repairs or replacements. With the Vulcan electronic system, you'll be saving money on labour, chemicals and downtime of your cooling system.


  • Efficiency increases due to the reduction of scale incrustations
  • Simple installation on pipe exterior without interruption of the production process
  • Save on machinery maintenance and energy costs
  • Maximum working life of expensive production equipment
  • Extended cleaning intervals
  • Less time and effort spent on cleaning cooling towers


Corrosion protection
Metal pipes often are subject to pitting corrosion. The electronic Vulcan impulses generate a metal-carbonate protective layer that prevents pitting corrosion.

Increased water pressure
Vulcan sanitizes the pipes from scale deposits and can even restore a pipe's full diameter. Water flows freely again and normal water pressure is restored.

Vulcan minimizes rust
In most cases whenever there are scale deposits you will find rust shortly thereafter. Rust typically embeds itself in the scale deposits. Because rust oxides are red, the scale deposits in the metal pipes also become red. In preventing and eliminating scale deposits, rust oxides are also washed away.

Vulcan minimizes bacterial growth in pipes 
Thick scale deposits with their uneven surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Where there is no scale, bacteria cannot flourish.