Electronic Scale Protection

Our Vulcan Anti Scale & Rust machines feature customized copper impulse bands that are engineered to firmly wrap and connect to the pipe. They are designed to be extremely thin, as well as flexible with minimal isolation. All of this combined, results in a maximum direct-contact-ratio of up to 97.5% while achieving minimal spacing loss.

The copper treatment bands are an integral part of the of our Vulcan water treatment machines. Therefore the special high-quality copper materials are inspected to ensure a high alloy purity that guarantees the best possible transfer output.

The pipe diameter/treatment area ratio
The copper impulse bands are placed to cover the surface area of the the pipes that are vital for the water treatment process. The pipe's surface directly in contact with the bands are referred to as the ""treatment area"". They need to be large enough to ensure that the impulses are transmitted evenly throughout the pipe. A general rule of thumb is for each impulse band should cover a treatment area that is at least the length of the individual pipe diameter where the Vulcan is to be installed.

Preemptive Action against scale formation

Vulcan prevents scale build-up in pipes and appliances
Our patented Vulcan-Impulse-Technology forms a system to protect your piping system - and by extension - your appliances from scale build up and cleanse them of deposits. This system works using a process called electrophoresis that alters the molecular structure of calcium and magnesium particles in the water. The crystals change shape into a rod-like structure, making them smooth and taking away their adhesive properties. The resulting output is that scale is reduced to fine powder that is easily washed away. Over the long run, this system that Vulcan creates stops new deposits from forming.

Vulcan prevents rust damage and perforation

Corrosion in metal pipes appear when iron and copper oxidation occur due their contact with hard water. If left untreated this corrosion can potentially spread throughout the piping system. It is possible for Iron and copper oxidation to occur in all metal pipes that come into contact with hard water. However, over time this oxidation can start to corrode the piping system. Vulcan impulse technology generates an electrophoresis effect and produce a protective metal-carbonate covering on the pipe.

Vulcan gently sanitizes the piping system

Scale deposits are not only damaging to the structural integrity of the pipes, but can also be a potential health hazard.

We know that scale acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted substances. As soon as our Vulcan machines are installed on your piping system, they quickly remove the scale deposits, along with the bacteria breeding ground. The end result is a clean and sanitized water for your business or home.

Dissolved scale also removes rust

As scale deposits are formed, iron particles in the water will begin to attach themselves to the existing deposits gradually increasing in size. Overtime the combined scale deposits and iron particles merge together to form hard, resistant red deposits along the interior of the pipes.

With the Vulcan Water Treatment, the scales will gradually disintegrate along with any rust that are attached to them.