Commercial & Hospitality

The benefits of Vulcan Electronic Anti-Scale makes it useful in almost any type of business and institution where scale-free water and efficiency are a priority. The Commercial Line units treat pipe diameters from 3"(~ 76mm) to 6" (~ 150mm). These units meet the requirements of small to medium-scale operations and facilities.
With Vulcan, your equipment and machinery and interconnecting piping will last longer, saving you time and money. Use Vulcan to protect: cooling towers, heat exchangers, refrigeration systems, vacuum pumps and valves, grinders and mixers, condensers, industrial ovens or presses, chillers, etc.


Large residential buildings and condominiums can benefit greatly from Vulcan. Vulcan ensures all appliances, pipes and lines that come into contact with water achieve their maximum life expectancy. Additionally, the increased water and flow efficiency will significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance.

Ease of cleaning
Our eco-friendly Vulcan machines don't alter the chemical composition of the water - calcium and magnesium minerals in the water are naturally retained. Scale deposits will gradually degrade and breakdown in the form of fine dust particles that you can easily be wiped with a cloth.
Stains on basins, sinks, toilets and other surfaces are easily cleaned once the water has been treated with Vulcan. Shower heads stay clean longer. Soap and detergent use can be cut back by up to 25%.

Water will noticeably feel softer after the Vulcan water treatment - this is caused by the decrease in surface tension. Additional effects include easier lather in soap, as well as a general improvement in well-being as the water is cleaner and softer.


The hospitality industry goes through large quantities of water on a daily basis – it is an essential aspect of keeping the business running. Furthermore, services and facilities such as laundry, swimming pools, heating and cooling towers rely almost exclusively on how the hotel utilizes their water resources. Restaurants need clean water, scale free water in their kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, ice machines, dishwashers, and other hospitality equipment.

Water heaters
Vulcan permanently controls scale build-up in tankless water heaters and reduces maintenance as heat exchangers have fewer deposits. Your water heater will work much more efficiently allowing you to reduce maintenance frequency and greatly extend the life of your equipment.

Restore full performance to heating systems
When water is heated in a hot water tank, hard water leads to thick deposits on the heating elements. Even a thin layer causes a significant reduction in the heat transfer within the tank. With the Vulcan unit deposits are minimized and water heating requires significantly less energy resulting in a lower energy cost.

Solar water heating
Vulcan prevents scale build-up in the system. It keeps heat exchangers and distribution pipes clean. Furthermore, Vulcan reduces scale build up in collectors, protects hot water tanks and vacuum tubes and prevents the system from overheating.


Restaurants frequently encounter problems with scale deposits because they harbor bacterial growth leading to unpleasant odors and taste in food and beverages.
The Vulcan system is also eco-friendly, operating without the use of chemicals or salt, therefore the natural taste of water is preserved.

Ease of cleaning
Kitchen surfaces, sinks, faucets and other fixtures stay cleaner with the aid of Vulcan. You will quickly notice that scale is visible but acts like fine dust particles that can easily be removed with a damp cloth. Surfaces and tiles will be easier to keep clean and will be smoother and shinier.

Dishwashers will operate with less detergent and less additives. The use of detergents can be reduced by up to 25%. Typical spotting on glasses and cutlery is greatly reduced or no longer apparent.

Reverse osmosis filters
RO-filters for your tap drinking water last longer. Water filters and RO-filter membranes will work more efficiently as well.

Washing machines
Cleaning is more effective as Vulcan-treated water is softer and therefore lathers more easily. The same amount of detergent will give you cleaner clothes and whiter linens. Frequently the amount of washing detergents and aggressive cleaning agents can be significantly reduced. Furthermore, Vulcan extends the life of the machine's heating elements and the life span of your room and restaurant linen.

Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis

Less maintenance
Vulcan makes pool cleaning much easier - scale on the water line is looser and easier to wipe off. Pool tiles on the floor or walls will show less scale stains. Vulcan reduces deposits in the pipes and valves. The essential circulation pumps will achieve their maximum life expectancy, filter media will last longer and the use of chlorine will be reduced.

The combination of water, circulating air and pressure in a hot tub tremendously increases scale build-up. The use of sanitation chemicals will be minimized. Vulcan reduces deposits in the pipes, valves and on surfaces and makes cleaning of the tub easier.

Health Issues

Mineral rich drinking water
Vulcan does not interfere with the natural composition of the drinking water. Important minerals remain in the water for a healthy diet. Young children and elderly people especially can benefit from the healthy calcium and magnesium content that is naturally found in tap water.