Energy Complex Co., Ltd. (EnCo), Bangkok, Thailand

Installation details
Location: Energy Complex Co., Ltd. (EnCo) Bangkok, Thailand
Models: 1 x Vulcan S250, 1 x Vulcan X-Pro 1
Area:  Before the condenser water piping system to treat all 7 cooling towers
Installed by: SGI Technology / Globen Engineering

About Energy Complex
Energy Complex is the first office complex in Thailand and Southeast Asia to be awarded the highest level of Platinum Green Building  certification  from LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) that serves as the prototypical building in Thailand for  energy conservation, harmonious coexistence of industry and the environment and optimal utilization of resources.

Vulcan S250 and X-Pro 1 were installed on the main return pipes of the condenser.

Installation purpose
Before Vulcan was installed, the client used ozone water system to treat the condenser, but they still found massive scales in the basin  of the cooling towers. They collected the scales from the basins and weighed them, there were around 150 kg (average) of scales every  month.

7 cooling towers were treated with Vulcan

The results after 4 months
Vulcan was added together with the ozone system to treat the water. After 4 months, the approach temperature of the chiller has been  reduced, so that the energy has been saved from the machine. Also, the scales from the cooling tower basin have been reduced.

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