Our Vulcan machines operate purely using electric impulses.

The patented Vulcan-Impulse-Technology modifies the crystallization of calcium and magnesium using the natural process of electrophoresis.

The crystals gradually smooth out and can no longer attach to each other. At this point scale is now washed away in the water as a fine powder and the formation of new deposits are halted.

Durable Acrylic Cast

The full body of the Vulcan circuit board is encased in an acrylic cast, creating a complete isolation of the inner circuits and the outside.

This ensures that our Vulcan machines are able to operate in almost any environment, with the protection of the acrylic cast. Our machines can be installed in extremely hot temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius to extremely cold temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius.

The Vulcan Full Acrylic Cast

The special Vulcan acrylic cast guarantees their longevity.

The acrylic cast ensures that the circuit board is protected and prevents any moving parts from potentially damaging the internals.

It protects the unit from humidity, dust, dirt and most importantly ensures operation in a wide range of temperatures, as the Vulcan can handle the heat and cold from the water passing through the piping system.

In fact, the full body acrylic cast is so good at isolating the circuitry against heat, it can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 45-50°C (~113- 122 °F) or in very cold temperatures down to -20°C (~5°F).

Vulcan helps maintain your other appliances

Vulcan improves the performance and efficiency of many machines that operate with water. The use of Vulcan saves you time and money from the moment the machine is installed in your piping system.

Below is a rough idea on what tangible benefits you can gain by installing Vulcan water treatment system.

  • Scaling inside the machine is minimized.
  • The machine can run longer before it needs to be serviced again.
  • Easier to clean the components that are in contact with water.
  • Reduced service time results in fewer production breaks.
  • Less biofilm and bacterial growth due to cleaner water.

Ease of installation

Our trademarked Vulcan machines are installed on the external surface of the pipes.

It does not involve dismantling your existing piping system or require the intervention of a professional for a hassle-free installation process.