Ibis Budget - Makassar Airport, Indonesia

Installation Details
Model: Vulcan S25
Location: Ibis Budget – Makassar Airport Sultan Hasanuddin Int’l Airport Maros, Sulawesi Selatan 90552 Indonesia
Install Area:  Install Area Guest Rooms – Bathroom Water Heating Elements

Vulcan has shown to successfully reduce time, energy and capital required by the hotel for water system maintenance. All pictures  were taken from one out of ten rooms that were monitored before and after Vulcan was installed, and all rooms’ water heater elements were also found to be free of scale.

“Before” Vulcan Installation
Several rooms were monitored before Vulcan was installed and had large amounts of scale chunks on the heating element and at the reservoir sump Vulcan was installed at the main incoming water line to eliminate this problem.

“After” Vulcan Installation
Scale gradually disappeared from the elements and reservoir sump. After 3 months scale is entirely gone from water heater elements and the reservoir sump.

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